Comrade Kamal(NUAHP FMC Keffi Chairman) updated the NEC on the level of preparedness towards the 7th NDC. He stated that preparations at all levels have reached 70%.

  1. Accommodations and venue for the event have been properly identified. However he stated that less than 5% of the expected delegates have registered before 31st of march , 2019 which is the initial deadline for the early registration.
  2. Copies of the conference fliers were distributed to the NEC members during the NEC meeting.
  3. He also demonstrated how to make payments and registration for the conference through the NDC website to the NEC.
  4. The NEC members were told that there will be no onsite registration therefore all delegates are advised to complete their registration on or before 23rd of May, 2019


  1. Six days to the commencement of the 7th NUAHP national delegate conference NDC, all is set for the take up of the conference.

  2. We thank Almighty God for making the NUAHP 7th quadrennial delegate conference a successful one. Our appreciation goes to all that contributed in one way or the other that enable us actualized this unique dream of our great union.
    Together we can build better NUAHP of our dream.

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